IMS Map360

Plays Well With Others.

The ability to take advantage of other 3rd party tools, services, and resources simplifies your workflow by pulling data into one simple environment, eliminating the need for multiple types of software. More options for 3rd party resources and data means more possibilities for creating compelling courtroom-ready documents.

3rd Party Imagery

Imagery adds richness to your maps. Seamlessly integrate aerial imagery from many different sources or use premium paid services, such as HxIP and ESRI.

Data from Competitive Systems

Cyclone Register and Cyclone Import process scanning data from a variety of 3rd party terrestrial scanners, mobile scanners, and UAS systems.

3rd Party Applications

Experience the flexibility of working with MicroSurvey MapScenes Evidence Recorder, Trimble 3D Warehouse, and many other solutions.

Industry Standard Format

Data is stored in Native AutoCAD DWG, an industry standard drawing format.

No Conversions Needed

Directly open databases created with Cyclone modules like Register, Publisher, Importer, and JetStream, eliminating the need for conversions.