Ease of Use

IMS Map360

Simply Easy to Use

A few simple clicks and you’re quickly on the way to turning data into a range of presentation-ready evidence documents. End-to-end capabilities eliminate the need to learn multiple software and processes.

A few simple clicks and you’re on your way to documenting evidence.

Start sketching without any data prepping required

Easily import data from multiple sources and sensors

Our experience mode adjusts its interface based on need, whether you require an engineering-grade 3D CAD feature-set or simply want to draw a quick 2D sketch without any fuss.

Sketch Mode

Easily sketch 2D layouts of incident scenes, the surroundings, vehicle trajectories, and more with millimeter accuracy.

Advanced Mode

Engineer grade features allow you to create sophisticated 3D CAD models with a compelling level of realism for scene documentation.

Library of Elements

Easily enrich your diagrams with a vast library of over 7,000 elements. Simple to use crash and crime symbols can be dragged into scenes.

Court-Ready Templates

Choose from a number of courtroom-ready templates in which to place your diagrams with little effort. Create professional, high-grade documents in just a few steps.

Paper View

Prior to printing, see your evidence as a finished drawing from multiple views, orientations, or perspectives.

Scene to Map

Automatically import scene data with a simple click of a button for layering, coloring, linework, and more in just a few steps.