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IMS Evidence Recorder V10.6

Scrollbar Width Setting

Added setting to change the width of the scrollbars in the program. Only applies to PC/Tablet and Leica Captivate series.

Coordinate System Information

Coordinate system information is now written to the raw file as a comment when a coordinate system is selected.

RTK Fixed Audio Cue

An audio cue now indicates when RTK Fixed status has been achieved. Previously an audio cue was only played when RTK Fixed status was lost.

Quick Target Selection

Target and EDM mode selection list has been changed to button list for ease-of-use

Tilt Offset Measurement

The routine calculates a very precise position using only the tilt sensor inside GNSS receivers

Improved Language Selection

Language specific installers have been replaced with all-in-one installer

Stakeout Elevation Offset

elevation offset can now be modified directly in the point staking dialog

Keypad Color Options

Users can now define both text and background color of the virtual keypads

Retired Platforms

All data collectors and total station onboard builds with WinCE 5.0 or older operating systems are no longer supported.