Where to Start?

New to IMS Evidence Recorder? You're in the right place. Below we have a link to great introduction videos to get you started on using your IMS Evidence Recorder software. If you are looking for a specific answer to your question visit our support page.

IMS Evidence Recorder - Introduction Videos

Learn from our forensic software experts in IMS Evidence Recorder on our IMS helpdesk. The IMS helpdesk is a perfect place to find a solution or to get you started with an ever growing library of helpful videos for all skill levels Click here for the full list of IMS Evidence videos.

Certified Training

Our team of Certified Instructors will take you through an extensive training course that will sharpen your skills in which ever field below fits your needs. Contact us today to get your training started!

Course Training Standard -

Company standardized training materials, tests, guidelines, instructor guides.

Certified Instructor -

MicroSurvey and Leica will certify trainers. Only certified trainers can deliver the certified training materials to students.

Certified Professional -

Students who attend a certified training course and who also pass the necessary exams will become certified professionals.