Animation Extension

Full-featured forensic Animation Module with rendering capabilities and the tools you need to analyze, edit, and build compelling animations. It lets you look at your data in ways you never thought possible. The advanced camera support lets you watch your animation from many different views – you are only limited by your imagination!

Point Cloud Extension

Point Cloud extension allows you to work with large point cloud files captured with a 3D Scanner or UAV Photogrammetry. Add lines, dimensions, text and symbols to create accurate detailed diagrams utilizing your point cloud data. When working with very large Point Cloud files the optional JetStream ProjectVault allows you to work efficiently in real-time with no delays.

Optional Add Ons


Revolutionary Jetstream technology eliminates wait and lag, freeing valuable time and allowing you to utilize point clouds almost immediately.


HxIP streaming aerial imagery provides HD background imagery that has 3x better resolution and more current images than others.