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IMS Map360 V 1.2

Animation Extension

Animations and Scene Flythroughs now include all data displayed in the drawing, including point clouds, aerial photographs, and more.

Cloud Storage Support

Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, and other cloud storage and synchronization services are now supported.

HemoSpat Bloodstain Pattern Analysis

HemoSpat bloodstain pattern analysis software is used to calculate the area of origin for impact patterns at crime scenes. HemoSpat is available at www.hemospat.com.

The latest IntelliCAD 8.2a engine

IntelliCAD 8.2 is a major release that includes more options added to existing features that export 2D .pdf files, export .bmp files, and attach underlays; new in-place multiline text editor; new support for maximizing and minimizing viewports and much more.


IMS Map360 V 1.1

Scanner QA Protocol Report

Scanner QA Protocol Report helps Leica ScanStation users validate the accuracy of their scanners and the resulting point cloud data.

The latest IntelliCAD 8.1b engine

The latest IntelliCAD 8.1b engine features automatic workspace saving and over 240 other important fixes;

Ribbon Interface

various improvements to the ribbon interface and template which make the program easier to work with

Streaming of high-resolution imagery

streaming of high-resolution imagery from the Hexagon Imagery Program (HxIP) has been enhanced with new regeneration options;

The Symbol Librarian

The Symbol Librarian is more flexible with its new options to Add, Edit, Delete, and Duplicate symbols;

Importing collada files

Importing collada files from the SketchUp 3D Warehouse has been simplified and streamlined;

The Vehicle Specifications Database

The Vehicle Specifications Database has been updated to contain all 2016 and some 2017 models;

The Insert Picture command

The Insert Picture command has a great new option to insert pictures with a numbered bubble icon;

3D Orbiting has been improved

3D Orbiting has been improved, making working with 3D data easier than ever;


IMS Map360 V 1.0

Point Cloud Extension

Cannot do a Window or Crossing Selection within the extents of a point cloud.

Global Mapper / HxIP

Drawing Extents are incorrect when a drawing containing a globalmapper object is first opened.

Witness Viewpoints

Precision of witness and view positions was insufficient for use with large UTM/SPCS coordinates.