Leica ScanStation PS15: An Easy, Affordable Entry into 3D Forensic Laser Scanning

Versatile, durable, admissible. And now easier and more affordable.


With the new Leica ScanStation PS15, the proven, courtroom-admissible solution for high-accuracy scene documentation is now within reach for every public safety professional.

The Leica ScanStation PS15 combines the time-tested performance of Leica scanning technology with a user-friendly interface and simple workflows, making it ideal for public safety agencies that need to get up and running quickly. At the push of a button, the Leica ScanStation PS15 captures the entire scene within minutes and creates highly detailed scans with overlaid images of the real 3D world.

Other benefits include:

  • Rugged Reliability. Based on the advanced ScanStation PS20, the Leica ScanStation PS15 offers the same high measurement speed and accuracy at an affordable price. Robustly built, the Leica ScanStation PS15 can be used even under the most challenging conditions. With an environmental rating of IP54, the Leica ScanStation PS15 operates at temperatures ranging from -20°C to +50°C (-4°F to 122°F) and can be used in  the rain, snow or extremely dusty conditions.
  • Easy Visualization. Free Leica TruView software can be used to create an interactive panoramic view that allows even nontechnical users to easily view, pan, zoom, measure, and mark up and share point cloud data. Additionally, every Leica ScanStation laser scanner comes with the popular MapScenes Forensic CAD software and point cloud module, designed to provide professional investigators with the tools to visually communicate the output of their investigation in accurate and compelling diagrams that will hold up under the highest scrutiny.
  • Upgradeable Design. Once your forensic scan team is comfortable with laser scanning, you can optionally upgrade your Leica ScanStation PS15 through an authorized Leica Geosystems technical service center to achieve the advanced functionality of the ScanStation PS20.

Training and consulting services are also available to give you the skills you need to laser scan a scene, extract the exhibits needed to support the mission and testify in court with confidence.

Download the Leica ScanStation PS15 datasheet here.

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