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Laser scanners are just one of the many innovative products that make Leica Geosystems the world leader in geospatial measurement solutions. With almost 200 years of experience in making high-quality precision instruments, Leica Geosystems products are renowned for their precision, accuracy and reliability in the field.


We offer many different measurement solutions in addition to our best-in-class 3D laser scanning systems and this is part of what makes Leica Geosystems so unique. You can start with one of our 3D laser scanners or you can choose from our powerful Total Station or GNSS solutions. Take some time to explore our other technologies.  


Leica UAS: Revolutionizing Public Safety

Leica Geosystems unmanned aircraft system (UAS) technology quickly and automatically maps and measures complex geospatial environments from an airborne perspective. These systems can be legally operated today by qualified U.S. public safety agencies.

Aibot X6 UAS for public safety

Leica UAS are poised to revolutionize the way in which investigators capture crime and crash scenes and assist with search and rescue, tactical/disaster response and emergency operations. Go here to view the specifications for the Aibot X6 UAS, or contact us today to learn how to get off the ground with this proven solution.

Mobile Mapping: Reality Capture on the Move

Leica Geosystems mobile mapping solutions capture 360 degrees of high quality imagery and 3D data while you walk or drive. Whether you need a wearable solution for versatility indoors and outdoors, or a vehicle-independent platform with multiple sensors, having access to more accurate data empowers you to make better decisions faster. Contact us today to learn more.


Leica Nova MS50 MultiStation

Leica Nova MS60 MultiStation

Precision Total Station Measurement With Laser Scanning Capabilities

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Leica GS18 T

World's Fastest GNSS RTK Rover - No Calibration Needed

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Leica Cyclone Register 360

The Fastest and Easiest Point Cloud Registration Software

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Leica Disto Hand-Held Distancemeter

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