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NEW! IMS Map360

Our groundbreaking software is unlike any other incident-mapping tool. While incredibly powerful, it is also incredibly easy to use.


Built on the foundation of MapScenes Forensic CAD, the most precise desktop forensic mapping software in the world, IMS Map360 empowers you to produce dynamic courtroom-ready documents in a few simple steps. End-to-end capabilities eliminate the need to learn multiple software packages and processes.

The core of the new Leica Geosystems Incident Mapping Suite, IMS Map360 works with data from a vast array of measurement sensors to allow agencies to accomplish field data collection using the best tools for the job before combining all data into a single, powerful software solution for a highly efficient field-to-finish workflow. The scalable package enables users to quickly and easily produce simple 2D diagrams as well as complex maps. LEARN MORE

Watch the on-demand webinar to see how the software was applied to create diagrams from a mock crime scene.

Explore the IMS Map360 website to read about key capabilities and see videos of the only software solution your agency needs.

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