Leica TruView Software

scanstation_software_img2Leica TruView allows you to generate a rich, vivid, 3D panoramic image of your scene within minutes of completing your field scanning. Using a simple "panoramic" or "bubble" viewer approach, you see point clouds on the computer screen just as if you were standing right where the laser scanner captured the scan data. This data can be used to brief command staff or other investigators and is especially effective for helping jurors understand what the scene looked like; and best of all, it's completely FREE!

Leica TruView allows the scan to be used as a canvas to place the evidence photos, any audio and video, and even witness text directly where they were in the scene.Leica TruView was first admitted as evidence in a U.S. homicide trial in 2009, when District Attorney Joe Mulholland of the South Georgia Judicial Circuit successfully proffered and tendered to the jury a visually compelling Leica TruView during the murder trial of Antonio Jerome Greenlee in Decatur County Superior Court. Witness and crime scene investigator Andy Forte of the Thomas County Sheriff’s Department, used Leica TruView to virtually place the jury at the crime scene and to show them how the homicide could have occurred.

“The jury really, really liked it, and we had jurors comment afterwards about how effective it was,” said District Attorney Mulholland. “We not only used the TruView to support Andy’s testimony, but the judge then allowed Andy to show it again during my direct examination of other witnesses as I asked them questions about where they were standing or where the shooter was. TruView is basically a high-tech picture. It is not testimony. It is offered as an exhibit and demonstrative evidence. This seemed to play well with the judge. The defense did not object, and I think that they thought the same thing.”

Mulholland went on to say that after the trial the judge called him to the bench and commented on how effective the use of the Leica TruView was. He encouraged him to use it again. “We certainly plan on doing so,” said the D.A. “The scanning software was absolutely fantastic.”

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