IMS Map360

One Solution. Any Size. Any Budget.

Eliminate the need for many softwares and fragmented workflows. One simple solution consolidates all of your data and is completely scalable based on the needs of your agency. This single suite adjusts for quick linework, drawing, 2D map views, and complex 3D models with millions of points.

Animation Extension

Animated scenes tell a much more complete story of the incident than static images can. Our user-friendly Animation Extension, with the power and precision of CAD and a flexible range of features, adds a new level of realism to your documentation. Easily construct dynamic animations that reenact movements and provide a richer, more accurate assessment of the scene.

Point Cloud Extension

Point clouds offer an unmatched level of rich detail to your scene. When mapping an incident, you have no time to waste waiting for millions of points to render. Our Point Cloud extension, with revolutionary JetStream and Cyclone 9 compatibility, has virtually eliminated this hassle, giving you the power to create the most dynamic courtroom-ready documents imaginable.

Multiple Sensors

The ability to have data from various sources and sensors seamlessly work together is one of our most groundbreaking innovations yet.

Scene Analysis

Depending on your needs, utilize intelligent tools such as Scene Analysis, which computes and validates your scene. Then, it forms conclusions through commonly used accident reconstruction formulas.


The most powerful engineering marvel allows live point clouds to be viewed without any delay or rendering lag. If you have worked with point clouds before, you will appreciate the amazing power of this new technology.

Reconstruction Wizard

This easy-to-use wizard uses best-fit algorithms to model trajectory rods and create a trajectory line between two or more corresponding holes along a single bullet path. Develop an information rich list with angles, notes, and individually labled trajectories.

Witness Viewpoint

The Witness Viewpoint feature allows for custom adjustments of the camera height and direction for an accurate representation of exactly what a witness sees from their position, adding validity to testimony.