Mock Crime Scene Demonstrates Power of Cloud-Based Digital Reality Platform

Laser scanning is the fastest, most accurate and most comprehensive technology available to crime scene and crash scene investigators. It provides an actual 360-degree visual depiction of the scene as it exists when you walk in, with millions of accurate measurement points. But how do you then get that comprehensive scene data into the hands of everyone who needs it in a user-friendly format? A new interactive mock scene demonstrates the value of using a cloud-based digital reality platform like TruView Cloud. (Related: Learn why the New Jersey State Police Crime Scene Investigations Unit relies on TruView Cloud for data sharing.)

Because the data exists in the cloud, there is no need to download plugins or other software. An intuitive panoramic viewer allows even novice users to easily navigate the 3D point cloud and related scene data. And the portal is accessible from any web-enabled device, including personal computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Explore the scene below.

The Story

On a late spring evening in 2016, investigators responded to a non-fatal shooting at a sports bar. A male suspect had been sitting at the bar drinking a beer, then produced a handgun and demanded the bartender give him cash in a bank bag. An armed customer located in the video lottery game room had engaged the suspect. The suspect fired two shots into some metal file boxes located on top of the bar. The armed customer fired three rounds, striking the suspect. The suspect dropped his weapon and ran out of the business, retaining the bank bag of cash.

Investigators scanned the scene with a Leica ScanStation PS40 and captured external images with an iStar HDR camera. The scan data was registered in Cyclone Register 9.4.2, using cones for ballistics analysis. Evidence was marked, and 2D and 3D views of the scene and evidence were produced from the scan data. All scene data was uploaded to TruView.

This fully interactive TruView includes:

  • Multiple site setups
  • GeoTags
  • Video and photo evidence
  • Evidence progression reports

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