Video: Why Digital Scene Documentation and Mapping Matters

Does your agency really need laser scanning and high-tech surveying technology?

In a Facebook Live segment from WKRN-TV Nashville, Lt. Andy Shelton of the Tennessee Highway Patrol Critical Incident Response Team (CIRT) shares how the integration of 3D laser scanners, UAVs, total stations and GNSS technology is crucial to efficiently and effectively documenting crime and crash scenes.

The team pulls all the data together into a model that shows people not just what is measured, but also what the team saw at the scene. They overlay the data on maps so people can see the environment around the scene as well as the scene itself.

“You hear that a picture tells a thousand words,” Lt. Shelton says. “We’re able to allow them to see the environment that we saw. It’s more than just the picture; it’s the whole environment around us as well as the measurements and documentation we captured at the scene. We can immerse them in what we experienced at the scene.”

Watch the interview to learn more.

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