New MultiStation Gives Agencies More Agility in Scene Documentation

Laser scanning is the recognized state-of-the-art for crime and crash scene documentation. It’s fast, comprehensive, easy to use, and no longer requires specialist processing knowledge to handle the data. For some police agencies, however, the total station remains the preferred method because of familiar workflows and trusted accuracy. Within the last decade, combination instruments known as scanning total stations or multistations have also come into the market. The best of these instruments combined fast, high-precision total station measurement with GNSS/GPS and laser scanning for a versatile approach to digital crime and crash scene data capture. Agencies have appreciated the convenience of having three sensors in a single instrument.

Recent technology advances have made these multipurpose tools even more compelling for public safety professionals. For example, the next-generation Leica Nova MS60 MultiStation, introduced in February 2020, offers impressive scanning speeds of 30,000 points per second and digital imaging with a 30x magnifying telescope camera as well as 1-second reflectorless shots to 2,000 feet. AutoHeight adjustment makes it fast and easy to set up the instrument to the perfect height at the touch of a button. The data flows seamlessly into data collection software such as Evidence Recorder or Leica Captivate and can be turned into a ready-to-print finished diagram in minutes with Map360 desktop mapping software. It can also be used to create more advanced courtroom-ready deliverables, such as flythroughs and animations.

The new MS60

For public safety professionals who want to capture accurate, comprehensive scene data in the fastest and safest way possible, upgrading to a dedicated 3D laser scanner is still going to be the best option. But if you’ve been thinking about a new total station or trying to find the easiest way to integrate point cloud data into your existing workflows, take a look at the latest multistation. The on-scene agility might be just what you need to maximize efficiency and effectiveness.

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