Three Software Tools that Simplify Crash Diagramming

Mapping a crash scene can be complicated.  Showing how the vehicles traveled and how they lost speed or accelerated based off scene evidence isn’t always straightforward. Add the complexity of pulling in data from different sensors and large imagery files from drones (also known as unmanned aircraft systems, UAS, or unmanned aerial vehicles, UAVs), and the process of creating scene diagrams can quickly become time-consuming and labor-intensive.
But if you’ve been doing this work manually, you should know that crash and crime mapping software can significantly streamline your approach. Software like Map360, for example, is built on a 3D CAD system and easily handles data from multiple sensors, imagery from drones and point clouds from laser scanners. Here are three tools in Map360 you can use to simplify your diagramming process even further.

Crush Analysis

Crush analysis enables you to quickly determine the crush energy and equivalent barrier speed from crush measurements. The tool can be used with measurement data, an image, a symbol, or a point cloud. You can easily convert the units for crush stiffness coefficients using a scene analysis energy tab.

Dynamic Text Labeling

Dynamic text labels allow you to insert labels with a click of a button and easily add a leader line. You can apply a background masking color to make the label stand out and double click the label to make edits at any time. The labels will dynamically adjust so they are clearly visible in any view.

Group/Ungroup Items

The group and ungroup capability allows you to easily group items together for quick selection and modification, such as move, rotate, and copy. To make individual edits, you can ungroup the items just as easily.

If your software doesn’t offer these tools, or if you’ve been looking for a way to reduce the amount of time and effort involved in processing, analyzing and visualizing crash scene data and creating court-ready deliverables, it might be time to upgrade.
Go here to learn more about Map360, or contact us to discuss your scene documentation and mapping needs.

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