On-Demand Webinar Shows How to Maximize Scene Diagramming Efficiency

Using best practice measurements and procedures on a crime or crash scene is crucial to ensuring your analysis can be trusted. But if information doesn’t make it into your deliverables, or if it’s not easily understood in your reporting, it might as well not exist. Clear, understandable and concise scene diagrams and reconstructions are imperative to bringing cases to justice. And now more than ever, how you create those diagrams has to be easy, efficient and effective.

In a new on-demand webinar, William Henningsen and Mike Selves of Collision & Crime Forensic Solutions show how software is key to optimizing your resources and streamlining your approach. They walk through a fatal crash investigation and show how data was digitally captured and seamlessly combined using Map360 v4.0 software to provide clear analysis and compelling presentation deliverables.
You’ll learn:

  • How to create equal access to digital crime and crash scene data across your agency, regardless of software experience levels
  • How to easily move from 2D sketches to advanced capabilities as your agency grows and adopts new technology
  • How to effortlessly and effectively import large imagery files and combine data from different sensors to create compelling visualizations
  • How to evaluate mapping software to make sure you get the right solution for your agency

If you’ve used previous versions of Map360, you’ll want to attend this webinar to explore the user-friendly interface and time-saving advances of the newly released version 4.0. If you’ve been looking for a scene diagramming and reconstruction software that combines simplicity and power, this webinar is a must.
You can watch the on-demand webinar here.

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