On-Demand Webinar: High-Speed Scene Documentation – An Investigation of the GS18 I GNSS RTK Rover


Andrew S. Klane, Forensic Mapping Solutions Inc. (FMS) – retired Massachusetts State Police Lieutenant and former commander of the Massachusetts State Police Collision Analysis and Reconstruction Section (C.A.R.S.)

Discover how to increase the speed, accuracy and safety of your investigations with the latest GNSS RTK technology.


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    Fast, safe, accurate, reliable, complete—these are the key requirements of any scene documentation method. The recent introduction of GNSS RTK technology with integrated visual positioning promises to meet all the requirements with a single solution. But how does it really work? What are the considerations for setup and measurement? What can you do with the data and images on the scene and in the office? And how much time can you actually save compared to other scene documentation approaches?

    Andrew S. Klane, a retired Massachusetts State Police Lieutenant and former commander of the Massachusetts State Police Collision Analysis and Reconstruction Section (CARS), has been pushing the envelope with GNSS technology in crash and crime scene investigation for more than a decade. As CEO of the technology sales, training and consulting firm Forensic Mapping Solutions, Klane has been actively investigating the potential of the new Leica GS18 I GNSS RTK with visual positioning. In this webinar, he’ll demonstrate:

    • How quickly you can start capturing data once you arrive on a scene
    • How to capture accurate measurements and images by simply walking around a scene
    • What the data looks like on your data collector
    • How to take measurements from images in the field to ensure complete evidence collection
    • How to complete your investigation in the office using point clouds created from images
    • How to easily create compelling courtroom-ready deliverables

    Examine what the latest GNSS innovation can do for your crime and crash scene investigations. Fill out the form above to watch the on-demand webinar.

    To learn more about GNSS technology or explore other time-saving scene investigation solutions, please contact us.



    Learn more about GNSS RTK with visual positioning
    Download the PDF: Why GNSS Is the New Power Tool for Documenting Crime and Crash Scenes – A Q&A on the GS18 I 
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