Map360 2021 Advances 3D Scene Diagramming and Accident Reconstruction

The newest release of the most popular scene diagramming and accident reconstruction software makes creating and viewing 3D scenes a breeze.

June 29, 2021 – Recent advances in software have given crime scene investigators and collision reconstructionists new ways to digitize, analyze and present scene evidence in scientifically accurate and visually compelling diagrams and maps. Now, another new development makes it even easier to create and view scenes in 3D.

With the release of Map360 2021, you can add even more realism to your presentations through an expanded library of 3D models of vehicles, trees, household items and other objects. The ability to import 3D OBJ models gives you virtually limitless options to recreate the scene. The software lets you edit the size, position, materials and colors of the models so you can create a true digital twin.

New camera and witness tool let you place unlimited cameras in your scene and easily edit parameters like lens length, field of view, camera and target positions, and other critical settings. Once your 3D scene comes to life, you can use the walk, fly and panorama features to quickly move through a scene and look at it from different perspectives and views.

Visual styles and object transparencies allow you to render your scene in many ways. You can use the X-ray mode to see through walls or the conceptual style to draw attention to critical details. In addition, the new background tool lets you customize your background so your screenshots and other deliverables look more professional and official.

The newest release of Map360 software also supports IFC models, allowing you to import floor plans and 3D building models to create 2D and 3D diagrams and other related deliverables for a significant time savings.

Watch the video above for an overview of the new release. To learn more and download a free demo, go here.

To explore other ways to digitize your scenes, schedule a consultation with one of our public safety experts.

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