Video: A Simple Mapping Method for Forensic Analysis and Pre-Incident Planning

See how to create an informative sketch with just a few clicks.

Scene mapping and data analysis are often vital security measures in pre-event planning and documentation. While the gold standard is laser scanning reality capture using a high-speed terrestrial scanner or handheld mobile mapping device (see related stories here and here), you might not have access to these tools. Sometimes you need a simple sketch before assigning the right tools and personnel to the job.

Leica Geosystems’ Glen Davidson wasn’t able to attend the 2022 IAFSM Conference mass casualty exercise at 1stBank Center with the rest of the PSG team, but he did create a complete sketch of the facility from more than 1,000 miles away. In this video, Glen shows how to use readily available images from Google Maps and Bing Maps inside Map360 Sketch to create an informative scale drawing with dimensions, clearly labeled entrances and exits, and layers showing different views—all in less than 10 minutes. He also shows how to easily publish the drawing as a PDF with full layer support to share with your team. You can download the sample PDF here >

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