Video: A Quick, Easy Way to Create a 2D Scaled Diagram from a Point Cloud Ortho-Slice

Deliver compelling exhibits with a simple workflow.

Using a laser scanner allows you to quickly capture every detail of any scene in the form of an accurate, measurable point cloud that provides complete transparency and an irrefutable source of truth. The point cloud can be used as the basis for a variety of compelling, immersive exhibits. But often you need to start with simple 2D scaled diagrams. What’s the fastest, easiest way to deliver these drawings?

Leica Geosystems’ Glen Davidson shows you how to quickly and easily tie scans together to create a 2D model, create an orthoimage slice, and use the slice in Map360 scene diagramming software to create a diagram with layers that can be turned on and off to show labels, evidence, measurements and other details as needed. He also provides a brief overview of how you can capture point cloud data from your scene in as little as 20 seconds using the newest imaging laser scanner, the new BLK360. Watch the video below.

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