On-Demand Webinar: How to Apply the Power of Point Cloud Data in the Courtroom

Explore a challenging case that demonstrates the significance of 3D laser scanning in forensic scene visualization.

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Go behind the scenes on an officer-involved shooting case where the jury experienced the truth of what happened in meaningful detail through powerful visualizations enabled by 3D laser scan data.

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    You'll Learn

    • Why CCTV footage and photographs alone are often misleading
    • How laser scan data removes cognitive bias by providing scientific accuracy and crucial viewpoints
    • Why every law enforcement agency should use a laser scanner for crime scene and collision reconstruction
    • What attorneys, expert witnesses, jury consultants and others involved in litigation need for every case
    • How to easily take laser scan point clouds to the next level of forensic scene visualization

    Explore the tools that gave the jury everything they needed to return a verdict on a complex case in less than an hour, and discover how to apply the same tools in your scene documentation.


    After fourteen years as a dynamic plaintiff’s trial lawyer, Mark Johnson is now recognized as one of the leading experts in 3D forensic visualization and animation, as well as an authority in photogrammetric reconstruction technologies. Featured on CBS 60 Minutes, ABC Good Morning America, the New York times and in other numerous news and industry publications, Mark advocates for the use of advanced technologies in the courtroom and has received high praise. As the CEO of Visual Law Group, Mark Johnson continues to push the limits of innovation in litigation.
    Abbe Lyle is a professional photographer and creative writer and is creative director of Visual Law Group. After easily mastering the use of the Leica RTC360 laser scanner, Abbe has become an outspoken advocate of the value of scientifically accurate 3D point cloud data in scene documentation and visualization. “Most people don’t realize just how easy laser scanning is now,” she says. “Technology innovation has significantly advanced the potential of 3D forensic visualization.”
    William Henningsen is the forensic manager/director of the Omaha Police Department’s Forensic Investigations Unit. He has more than 20 years of experience in forensic mapping. In addition to supervising the agency’s team of certified crime scene investigators and forensic analysts, he has been involved in training and consulting with Collision & Crime Forensic Solutions since 2015. Henningsen has captured and processed 3D laser scan data on more than 300 major crime scenes.

    To talk to a public safety expert who can guide you on the technology that will help your agency maximize efficiency and effectiveness, please contact us.

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