WREX 2023 Highlights Latest State-of-the-Art in Accident Reconstruction Technology

Explore innovations in laser scanning, digital scene documentation, and the creation of high-value forensic deliverables.

The best way to understand the truth of what happened at a complex crash scene is to visualize it from every angle with comprehensive, high-accuracy data that documents very detail. At the World Reconstruction Exposition, WREX 2023, attendees will have the opportunity to explore the cutting-edge, high-speed reality capture technologies that make it possible to achieve the most advanced forensic reconstructions and analyses.

Taking place in Orlando, FL, April 17-21, WREX will bring together more than 1000 accident investigation professionals from around the world. Some of the most anticipated highlights of the event include:

Crash Day

The opportunity to witness live head-on tractor-trailer to tractor-trailer collisions, high-speed offset head-ons, motorcycle crashes, multi-vehicle crashes, and more is exciting for anyone. But for the professionals at WREX, it’s a chance to get a better understanding of what happens in a crash and how to reconstruct an accurate digital twin that enables crash investigators, insurance adjustors, litigators, and everyone else involved in the case to experience the true story.

Sponsored by Leica Geosystems, this year’s Crash Day will include hands-on demonstrations of best-practices scene documentation techniques and technologies led by Joel Salinas, ACTAR, a renowned trainer with more than 35 years of experience investigating and reconstructing traffic collisions. Salinas, a long-time expert in forensic mapping and a laser scanning trainer, along with the Leica Geosystems public safety team, will show how to use the latest handheld and stationary laser scanners to capture every detail of the scene in minutes and quickly get the data to everyone who needs to see it in a visual, user-friendly format.

Attendees will be able to experience what it’s like in the real world to capture a complex scene with the next-generation BLK360 imaging laser scanner, the high-speed RTC360 laser scanner, the one-button BLK2GO handheld imaging laser scanner, and the intuitive BLK2FLY autonomous flying laser scanner, as well as the latest state-of-the-art GPS/GNSS technologies and total stations. They’ll be able to explore the data on scene and see the workflows involved in taking the data from capture to court-ready deliverables. Experts will also be available to answer questions and provide insights on the latest trends and solutions.

Technology Insights

Attendees who want to explore more of what’s possible with technology will find additional expert guidance in the Leica Geosystems booth P1 at the bottom of the escalator as they enter the conference area. Ryan Rezzelle and his team of public safety experts will share insights in mobile, terrestrial an autonomous laser scanning, imaging and tilt-compensating GPS/GNSS, tilt-compensating prism poles for robotic total stations, and more innovations designed to help crash investigators work quickly and stay safe on scene.

Vector Forensics (booth P3), Forensic Mapping Solutions (booth P7), Collision & Crime Forensic Solutions (booth P9), and Visual Law will also have experts available and will host technology and visualization demos in the conference area and elsewhere during the event.

For anyone involved in collision reconstruction, WREX 2023 promises to be the most engaging and informative learning event of the year. Learn more and register at https://wrex.org.

Can’t make it to the live event? Connect with our experts to set up a technology demo at your convenience.

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