Video: High-Speed Laser Scanning Provides Impressive Data for Collision Reconstruction

Video as a “silent witness” is often misleading. Clean, accurate laser scan data overcomes misrepresentations by showing every perspective.

In collision reconstruction, simplicity and speed of operation are crucial parameters for scene documentation technology. Every second counts in collecting all the evidence and reopening the roadway as quickly as possible.

But data quality also matters in discovering and relating the truth of what transpired on the scene.

In this webinar excerpt, Will Henningsen of Collision & Crime Forensic Solutions walks through a scene in which 13 high-density scans were captured in less than 50 minutes by law enforcement professionals who had completed just a single day of training. Despite challenges such as the lack of manmade objects, heavy vegetation, and harsh lighting conditions, the resulting reconstruction is clean, accurate and complete with probative value.

Watch the video to learn more.

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