Free Grant Assistance

Don’t let budget limitations hold you back. Leica Geosystems, together with PoliceGrantsHelp. com, can aid you in locating eligible forensic and homeland security grants and even assist with the grant applications. Learn more at:

Training and Consulting Services

Leica Geosystems offers high-quality and comprehensive training which is specifically tailored to the special needs of public safety agencies. Our training covers hardware, software, and proven workflows designed to give users the skills they need in order to laser scan a scene, then extract out the exhibits needed to support the mission. Quality assurance and quality control are given special attention so that users will be able to testify in court with confidence. We also offer a variety of consulting services designed to assist agencies with development of SOP’s and best practices.

Training for Leica’s Public Safety Group is led by Ken Jones, our Training Manager. When you become a customer of the Leica Geosystems Public Safety Group, it is Ken who will assess your training requirements and either deliver them himself, or draw upon a deep reserve of instructor talent available to him through his contacts.

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Financing and Technology Lease Options

If you think you can’t finance or lease the technology your agency needs, think again. Many agencies can take advantage of these options and just don’t realize it. Through our partnership with GreatAmerica, we can help you identify innovative solutions. Contact us to learn more.

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