Can the Newest Compact Laser Scanners Deliver on Scene Reconstructions?

By Ryan Rezzelle

A forensic investigator recently posted the following concern on social media: "We have three of the big Leica scanners, and when we looked at the smaller scanners, they don't have the ability for detail the large ones do. This is important to do detailed scans of ballistic damage and blood spatter for accurate reconstruction purposes." I can appreciate your sentiment as I started out on one of the "big" Leica scanners myself. I loved the durability, reliability, and accuracy. Smash cut to modern technology, however, and there are two small laser scanners that are having a big impact in public safety. 

One is the Leica BLK360, a 3D imaging laser scanner designed to make scanning accessible by all. Although it isn't (nor was it ever intended to be) a ScanStation, its form factor, portability, easy one button operation and measurement reliability make it exactly the scanner that many professionals have been waiting for.

The most important technology advance, however, is the Leica RTC360 (pictured above), which is the most amazing 3D laser scanner you will ever see. With its incredible speed, in-field registration, ability to geotag images in your scans in the field, clean and high-quality data, and seamless workflow, the RTC360 and its VIS technology is the future of laser scanning. I’ve seen it do things faster and more automated than I ever thought possible. The most up to date versions of software and the newest publishing options into TruView, JetStream Viewer, and Map360 make it even more powerful.

If you know laser scanning, you will not believe the capabilities of this instrument. If you don’t know laser scanning, the RTC360 will become the new benchmark, defining the expectation for the next evolution of technology.

Can the newest compact laser scanners deliver on scene reconstructions? I can assure you the answer is yes, but I would rather let you see for yourself. Contact me to schedule a demo or discuss specific questions about your applications.


Ryan Rezzelle is a forensic and public safety specialist in 3D laser scanning and CSI reconstruction. He currently serves as the public safety manager for Leica Geosystems, part of Hexagon. Follow Ryan on LinkedIn for more insights on public safety solutions.