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Why Choose Leica Geosystems?

Leica Geosystems, part of Hexagon, is the standard in 3D laser scanning/digital scene mapping and documentation for public safety and forensics. We provide the tools you need to do the job quickly, precisely and reliably.

Our laser scanners provide industry-leading speed, data quality and range, along with survey-grade accuracy and a rugged design; the ability to geo-tag evidence photos in the field and register data sets in real time so you can share 3D exhibits at the push of a button; and a compact, tactical design that makes quick work of scene documentation.

But laser scanners are just one of the many innovative solutions that make Leica Geosystems the world leader in geospatial measurement solutions. We also offer vehicle-based and wearable reality capture, and fast and easy-to-use total stations and GNSS rovers. Add this to powerful software, experienced support and efficient workflows, and you have a complete solution that increases safety, facilitates quick scene documentation, saves money and substantially reduces the likelihood of errors.

Because We’re All This And More



We deliver outstanding service where and when it matters. Our customers trust us to keep their equipment up and running at all times.

Precision & Accuracy

& Accuracy

We lead the field in facilitating the capture of precise spatial information that can be measured repeatedly and consistently.

Broad Output Options

Broad Output

We offer the widest choice of output options for quickly viewing high-precision laser scan data in a format for easy analysis and full 3D visualization.



Leica Geosystems solutions are renowned for their dependability in the field.

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Meet The Team

Ryan Rezzelle

Ryan Rezzelle

Ryan Rezzelle is a forensic and public safety specialist in 3D laser scanning and CSI reconstruction. As the public safety manager for Leica Geosystems, part of Hexagon, Ryan is passionate about providing sound forensic science services and information to the communities that he has the opportunity to serve.

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Dietrich Evans

Dietrich Evans

With 20 years of hands-on experience, skill and knowledge in digital documentation, including an extensive background in blast analysis and arson investigation, Dietrich guides his public safety clients on a trajectory for success as U.S. West account manager.

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Darrell Whitfield

Darrell Whitfield

As U.S. East account manager, Darrell applies his 27 years of experience in law enforcement to help public safety agencies easily transition to state-of-the-art 3D laser scanning and digital scene documentation.

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Walter Bentley

Walter Bentley

Walter’s broad experience in digital reality capture and measurement solutions enables him to quickly guide public safety clients in Canada to identify solutions and support them to ensure optimum results as they put those solutions to work.

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Tony Grissim

Tony Grissim is a recognized expert witness in the state of Washington for forensic laser scanning, photogrammetry, unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) and GPS/GNSS. He was also an expert witness in landmark federal court case resulting in federal judge’s Daubert ruling on the scientific and technical admissibility of Leica ScanStation data as evidence. As key account manager for the Leica Geosystems Public Safety Group, Tony is a trusted advisor to the professionals he serves.

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Ken Jones

Ken Jones

Ken retired after 26 years of sworn service with the Portland Police Bureau, including 20 years as a criminalist in the Forensic Evidence Division. He continues to serve as an officer in the Portland Police Reserve Unit and an adjunct professor of criminal justice for Portland Community College. Ken is the customer success manager for Leica Geosystems’ Public Safety Group.

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Chenel Georget

Chenel Cordonier

With several years’ experience as an accident reconstructionist, Chenel understands the challenges in diagramming scenes and developing technical animations and simulations. As forensic product manager for MicroSurvey, a Hexagon company, Chenel supports users of the Leica Map360 scene mapping software.

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Lon Connor

Lon has more than eight years of experience helping public safety and law enforcement professionals find the right software and hardware for diagramming and capturing collisions and crime scenes. As East territory manager for the Forensic Division of MicroSurvey, a Hexagon company, Lon works closely with the public safety team to assist professionals in Eastern Canada and the U.S.

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Glen Davidson

A forensics software sales and support specialist, Glen is proficient at identifying user needs and developing creative solutions. As West territory manager for the Forensic Division of MicroSurvey, a Hexagon company, Glen works closely with the public safety team to assist professionals in Western Canada and the U.S.

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