Walter Bentley demonstrates how the Leica RTC360 laser scanner captured nine full 360-degree scans plus HDR images in just 26 minutes at -34 C, showing how this reality capture solution quickly gets public safety users out of harm’s way, out of the elements, and into analysis and data sharing mode.

Walter Bentley: A High-Energy, Focused Problem Solver

It’s not surprising that self-described “squash junkie” Walter Bentley has claimed his fair share of medals in squash. Awards include the silver medal for the Canadian Master Division Squash in 2011 and the bronze medal for the U.S. Open Master Division Squash in 2012. It’s a game that takes high energy, tenacity, creativity, drive, and mental focus and agility—all of which are traits that have been hallmarks of his three-decade career, successfully applying technology to solve problems and improve processes.

Walter Bentley

Today, Walter provides digital reality capture and measurement solutions to professionals in public safety and other industries as Leica Geosystems’ sales manager for Canada. His career allows him to use his know-how to help professionals apply technology and document three-dimensional environments quickly, accurately and comprehensively. “I’m hands-on,” he says. “I want to help people put the puzzle pieces together to solve their problem, guide them to a solution, and be by their side to ensure optimum results as they put it to work.”

In public safety, Walter demonstrates how law enforcement professionals can supplement manual measurements and photographs with a three-dimensional point cloud that represents all dimensions within a couple millimeters of accuracy. This data enables the police to determine such details as vehicle and bullet trajectory and speed. “It’s often chaotic at an accident or crime scene,” he adds. “Laser scanning enables forensics workers to document all the fine details from a distance.”

Walter also sees the requirement to document and protect the infrastructure, such as roads, sewers, tunnels, bridges and subways. Whatever the situation, Walter recommends the right technology for the job depending on requirements. Does the job require high speed with in-field registration? Long range or exquisite detail? Perhaps the user cannot compromise and wants to scan from a distance and capture the fine points of the scene. If there’s a need, Walter will find the solution. And, of course, with his wealth of industry experience, Walter is a fantastic resource for agencies that want to move beyond total stations and GPS and use laser scanning for scene documentation.

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Interesting Data Points

  • Won bronze medal and silver medal in U.S. Open Master Division Squash and Canadian Master Division Squash
  • After a little persuasion from his wife, has developed a new-found interest in Yoga
  • Served in the Canadian Armed Forces in the Pilot Training Program
  • Earned Bachelor of Applied Science (B.A.Sc.) in Mechanical Engineering from Waterloo University
  • Received a Master of Engineering (M.Eng.) in Environmental Engineering from the University of Toronto
  • Worked for FARO Technologies for 11 years
  • Ready to help you solve your 3D documentation problems with technology


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