Top Three Advantages of the New Map360 2024 Scene Diagramming and Reconstruction Software

With impressive new tools and capabilities, the latest version of Map360 software makes it easy to create powerful deliverables.

If your scene diagramming and reconstruction process has been slowing you down, you’ll want to check out the latest version of Leica Map360 software. Equipped with Bing Maps streaming for enhanced backdrops and improved scene context, Map360 2024 also provides other impressive tools to help you quickly and easily create accurate, powerful diagrams and maps.

Here are the top three new timesaving and results-boosting capabilities in the new version.

1. Stream maps into your drawing

Simply enter an address, landmark or coordinates, and you’ll be able to stream Bing Maps into your drawing. The map will update instantaneously while navigating with zoom and pan, and the area of interest can be converted to a static image to use as a backdrop to a diagram or add context to the surrounding scene.

2. Get a new perspective

With a navigation tool called the View Cube, you can easily adjust your viewing angle, change your user coordinate system (UCS), or toggle between perspective and orthographic projections.

3. Customize your street signs

Add more realism to your diagrams and maps by customizing your street signs to the correct size, shape, color and text. You can also import images to display on the signs.

Map360 2024 also leverages the latest IntelliCAD technology, ensuring speed and performance enhancements for the seamless creation of 2D and 3D diagrams and reconstructions.

What do you think? Do you agree that the capabilities listed above are the top three advantages, or are the other software improvements more useful in your day-to-day work?

You can test out the new version by downloading a free 30-day trial here >

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