Crime scene investigation

The key to a successful investigation is the ability to quickly collect comprehensive evidence without disturbing the scene. Being thorough can be challenging, especially when you are working under stressful conditions. A single detail can mean the difference between closing a case file or leaving a crime unsolved.  And when the evidence may not be revisited for months or even years, ensuring it will withstand the test of time is crucial.


With digital scene documentation and mapping, you can easily and quickly capture a comprehensive data set that can be revisited anytime in 3D. You can visualize any vantage point, analyze the data with confidence, and create compelling exhibits that immerse a jury into the scene at the time the crime was committed. Technology empowers you to maximize your safety, efficiency and effectiveness, both on the scene and in the office.


Preserving the crime scene is paramount. Capturing a comprehensive and accurate digital replica of the scene enables you to examine and understand every nuance of the surrounding environment. It also allows you to easily corroborate or discredit witness testimonies. Our digital scene documentation solutions ensure that you can easily provide comprehensive data to create irrefutable evidence to close case files or present to juries in the courtroom while keeping the crime scene untouched.


Lidar technology allows you to capture an entire scene quickly and efficiently in 3D space, making it completely measurable while allowing the user to view a scene in 3D like a video game.



Get quick measurements to produce accurate sketches of a scene or tap into the latest innovations to measure from images and point clouds.



Enhance your understanding of the scene with an aerial view and generate orthophotos, 3D models, and accurate, high-density point clouds.


Leica Evidence Recorder

Documenting at the scene with Evidence Recorder, a data collection software for use with measurement and positioning technology allows the investigator to reduce errors and save time at the scene. Quickly and accurately capture scene data and view the measurement in 2D or 3D to confirm there are no errors or omissions prior to leaving the scene. The data integrates seamlessly into Map360 for diagram creation and analysis.


While having a comprehensive set of data is key to an investigation, being able to process and analyze it with powerful tools that provide intelligence will reinforce the value of the data and help you see all the details. Whether you need to visualize and validate witness views, measure distances of objects in relation to each other, determine bullet trajectories, analyze bloodstain patterns and more, our solutions will help you shed light on the truth.

Witness Views

Explore a scene from multiple angles or use Witness Viewpoints to look around a reconstructed scene from a specific location and height; a simple way to determine what a witness could or could not have seen.

Bloodstain Pattern Analysis

Use our validated and fully integrated bloodstain pattern analysis tools to calculate the area of origin for impact patterns at crime scenes. A simplified workflow allows you to define the surface from a drawn line or wall using measured data, point cloud, or three points. Determine the area of origin, report the results, and provide a 3D visualization of the analysis.

Area of Origin

The directional analysis of bloodstain patterns provides critical information to assist analysts in locating the source of the blood at a crime scene. The area of origin can be determined by analyzing the elliptical stains left by blood drops impacting a surface at an angle. The ratio of width to height of the stains is used to determine the angle of impact and the use of basic trigonometry allows Map360 to compute the approximate trajectory paths of the bloodstains. These trajectory paths will converge in 3D space to the Area of Origin.

Impact Patterns

The Map360 workflow is designed for analyzing impact patterns, bloodstain patterns resulting from an object striking liquid blood. The stains vary from circular to elliptical however, it is the elliptical stains with an upward directionality that are used by the analyst to determine the area of origin.

Validated Results

Validated by an accredited Crime Lab – Johnson County Criminalistic Laboratory.


Bullet Trajectory Analysis

Perform your trajectory analyses based on physical measurements taken at the scene. Trajectory reconstruction tools establish accurate details and convergence to determine point of origin. Map360 provides 2D and 3D views of your trajectory lines and cones and dynamic labels that include text, dimensions, angle measurements that automatically update to face camera view when moving within the scene.

point of Origin

The trajectory lines and cones have intuitive grips to adjust the length and tolerance to allow multiple cones to converge to a potential point of origin.

Trajectory Lines and Cones

A best fit algorithm is used to establish accurate 3D trajectories from scanned trajectory rods. The cone defines 5 degrees of tolerance for the reconstructed bullet path and will be maintained as the cone is extended out to the potential point of origin.

Dynamic Labels

Label Distances, Horizontal (Azimuth) and Vertical (Elevation) angles for bullet path trajectories. The labels automatically adjust to face you ensuring they are clearly visible as you navigate within the scene.



Body Poser

A non-graphic 2D or 3D representation of a male, female, or child can be directly inserted in the scene. Easily customize the size, position, and specific pose with intuitive controls, or simply choose from the various predefined poses available.

Evidence Marker and Report

Insert customizable Evidence Markers to highlight details from the scene. Summarize the critical evidence from the crime scene with an Evidence Report PDF. This one PDF document not only contains the evidence details but can also include a cover page, diagrams, embedded links to the associated photos, videos, and other documents related to the case.


Let the evidence speak for itself. Our easy-to-use software allows you to build powerful courtroom deliverables that pass Daubert & Frye standards. Quickly generate a multitude of presentation deliverables from printable documents to 2D/3D views – making evidence easy to understand and providing transparency in the courtroom.

2D & 3D Visualization

Map360 desktop software allows you to create detailed 2D and 3D crime scene diagrams to accurately represent the facts. This is a vital tool for the investigator to document, visualize and analyze a scene in addition to providing court room ready documentation that a jury can understand.

Room Drawing Tools

Easily build an indoor crime scene by drawing walls with doors, windows and openings. Walls are automatically trimmed for you as you draw. Grips allow you to dynamically move, edit, and resize objects with ease. Furniture and other household items can be inserted into the scene from the symbol library. Other tools in Map360 such as the Silhouette Mode allow you to easily trace objects in the room.

2D and 3D Symbols

Map360 includes a library with thousands of symbols that can be easily placed in the drawing and adjusted to match the scene. Custom symbols can be created and added to the library for future use. A Collada importer is also included allowing users to bring in various 2D or 3D models from the 3D Warehouse.

silhouette mode

Enhance and highlight edges in the point cloud helping to create quick outlines of objects, rooms and entire buildings for quick and effective diagramming.

ortho slice

An ortho image from REGISTER360 can be imported providing a slice of the point cloud to trace over or to add as a background to diagrams and reports.

Printed Diagrams

Output into customizable print templates to preview and set up your final diagrams. Unique scalable custom live viewports can be included with the main drawing to zoom into an area of interest, show a separate background image or other layer display preferences. Using a single diagram file, we provide a multitude of display and print options allowing you to work more efficiently and accurately.

customizable diagrams

With a variety of templates available, it is easy to create compelling printed diagrams that can either be printed or digatally shared. Easily highlight what matters and is pertinent to the case.

insightful reports

Various deliverables can be created from Map360 that present the facts and assist with the investigation. It is critical, yet easy to include all the details from the case into a concise, understandable, and complete report.

courtroom ready

Being able to produce compelling evidence that quickly communicates various scenarios in an authoritative manner can mean day or night for a case. With powerful tools like MAP360, getting your evidence courtroom ready with minimal effort has become a reality.

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