Intuitive and Powerful Scene Diagramming and Reconstruction Software

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Digitize. Analyze. Present.


Leica Map360 is a public safety software solution that helps investigators digitize, analyze and present the facts with confidence. Visually communicate the critical details of a scene with accurate diagrams, pre-incident plans, incident reconstructions and other courtroom exhibits.

Choose the workflow that works best for you. From basic 2D diagrams to advanced 3D demonstratives, Map360 grows with your agency and meets the needs of every user and scene. A modern, simple interface and solid CAD foundation empower you to be efficient and accurate on every case.


Map360 Sketch

An entry level product for creating a quick diagram. It meets the needs and budget of any agency.


Map360 Standard

Introduces 3D viewing and capabilities as well as the analysis tools and animation.


Map360 Pro

Builds further on the previous editions and includes a powerful point cloud engine.

  • MAP360 Features
  • 2D Drafting Tools, Dimensioning, top down view only
  • Templates for court room ready exhibits
  • Evidence Log, evidence markers and reporting
  • Traffic and forensic symbols, advanced linetypes
  • SketchUp Model Import
  • Hexagon Imagery (HxIP) support / Bing Maps / Georeferenced images
  • Import points (ASCII), or create points from baseline and triangle Offset
  • Import REG360 Ortho Slice
  • Accident Reconstruction Formulas
  • Manual trajectory cones
  • Animation – animation of objects
  • Direct import Leica Viva, Leica Captivate or Evidence Recorder. Geoid, map projection support, total station measurement log, geodetic coordinate support.
  • 3D Drafting Tools and ability to visualize scene in a 3D perspective or rotated view
  • Witness viewpoint wizard
  • QA report generation from Leica twin target pole data
  • Blood pattern analysis (support for manual points, no point cloud alignment)
  • Blood pattern analysis (with point cloud alignment support)
  • Point cloud display controls – visibility, color modes, basic limit box
  • Single file import of LAS / e57
  • Cyclone IMP / Jet Stream / LGS support
  • TruSpace panoramic viewer / COE import & export
  • Limit boxes, slices, cutting planes, reference planes, smart picks
  • Bullet trajectory modeled from point cloud data
  • Measure distance between point cloud planes / Dynamic labels

Map360 Sketch is a 2D environment only. Users can import points, UAV images, an Ortho Slice, Bing Maps, or use manual measurements to create basic diagrams and deliverables. All of the 2D drawing and editing tools are available but there are no analysis tools included with sketch.

Map360 Standard builds on the Sketch edition, and works with Total station, GNSS data, and projects directly from EVR, Leica Captivate, or LTI. A user can now view the scene in 3D and use the full 3D capabilities and analysis tools. Standard also includes animation.

Map360 Pro has the same capabilities as Standard, but it also includes the point cloud engine and all the associated tools.


A common problem many agencies face is how to make efficient use of all the data captured at a scene. Map360 can transform data from a wide range of mapping devices into useful information that is accurate and reliable. Fluid navigation in 2D and 3D allows the scene to be viewed from any angle.


Intuitive workflows and tools enhance the quality of incident reconstructions and provide critical details from the measured evidence. Map360 provides a suite of analysis tools to verify the data accuracy and help calculate speed, momentum, crush and much more. Quickly analyze bullet trajectories and bloodstain impact patterns and explore witness viewpoints.

Bloodstain Pattern Analysis

Analyze impact patterns to define the area of origin, and produce a 2D or 3D visualization

Bullet Trajectory Analysis

Accurately reconstruct bullet trajectories from measured or scanned trajectory rods

Crush Analysis

Calculate the energy associated with the damage and the equivalent barrier speed.

Momentum Angles

Determine the approach and departure angles of the vehicles involved in a collision.

QA Protocol

Compare measured or scanned data to known distances to establish quality control protocols.

Witness Views

Corroborate or disprove witness statements about what they could or could not see during an incident.


Visually communicate the critical details of a scene with diagrams, pre-incident plans, and other courtroom exhibits that are easy to understand. Various reports can be easily created and shared complete with photos, videos, and evidential documents included.

Compelling Diagrams

Customize your diagram with various views to highlight critical areas of the scene.

Evidence Markers & Reports

Summarize the critical information from the scene in a simple PDF report with embedded attachments.


Create 2D or 3D animations using time-distance formula providing an effective demonstrative.

Evidence Integrity

Ensure data integrity and accuracy by producing an Evidence Log, Measurement Log, or a QA report.

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