Collision Investigation

Crash scene investigation can be highly stressful, time-sensitive work. The goals of achieving both quick clearance and comprehensive data collection often seem in opposition to each other. You only get one shot, and you have to get it right. Leveraging the latest technology will help you overcome these hurdles and allow you to quickly generate an accurate, complete digital replica of the scene at the moment the crash occurred. With the ability to revisit and reexamine every detail of the digital crash scene, you can uncover evidence that might not have been obvious in person. You can confidently reconstruct parameters such as crush energy, speed and momentum angles, and create compelling diagrams and animations that bring the scene to life. Being able to present all the facts in a way that is easy to see and understand will place you ahead of the curve.


Use the power of automation and digitization to capture every detail of the scene quickly and safely. Whether you need the simplicity of single measurements for basic sketches, comprehensive point clouds for immersive 3D flythroughs and animations, or the flexibility to determine the best approach on scene, these solutions will give you the insights you need to clear scenes at record speeds.


Lidar technology allows you to capture an entire scene quickly and efficiently in 3D space, making it completely measurable while allowing the user to view a scene in 3D like a video game.



Get quick measurements to produce accurate sketches of a scene or tap into the latest innovations to measure from images and point clouds.



Enhance your understanding of the scene with an aerial view and generate orthophotos, 3D models, and accurate, high-density point clouds.


Seamless Integration and Data Transfer with Map360

Flexibility and multi-sensor support makes Map360 both productive and scalable to your agency’s needs as they change and grow. Map360 can transform data from a wide range of mapping devices into useful information that is accurate and reliable.

Geotag support

Leica LGS files containing GeoTags are automatically imported and converted to evidence markers. All associated assets are imported as well and embedded in Evidence Reports.

Qa protocol

Ensure integrity and the accuracy of your data by creating a QA report


Our latest technology advances allow you to recreate a crash scene with ease. Combine data from multiple sensors and explore the scene from every angle regardless of your experience level. Even working with complex datasets and large files is a breeze. Our powerful yet simple to use tools have built-in algorithms that make your job easier – allowing you to focus more on understanding the data.

Scene analysis

Measure, analyze, compute and output reports that show the results and equations. Map360 Scene Analysis functions include most commonly used formulas for: speed, momentum, energy, deceleration, airborne, kinematics, conversions and trigonometry.

Momentum Angles

Determine the approach and departure angles of the vehicles involved in a collision. These angles will be used by the investigator to determine impact speeds.



Crush Analysis

Calculate the crush energy and equivalent barrier speed from the associated damage. The crush tool can be used with measurement data, an image, symbol, or point cloud.



Witness views

Explore a scene from multiple angles or use Witness Viewpoints to look around a reconstructed scene from a specific location and height; a simple way to determine what a witness could or could not have seen.

Documenting and cataloging your crash scene has never been easier than with evidence marker reports

Document the critical evidence from the scene by inserting Evidence Markers into the diagram. Optionally attach images, audio notes, videos, and other related files to the captured evidence.

Evidence Legend

An Evidence Legend can be added to any scene providing a high level overview of the existing evidence markers.

Evidence report

Effectively summarize the scene and communicate the critical evidence in a simple PDF Report complete with diagrams, embedded attachments, evidence details and more. This format can be easily shared electronically, filed and printed.


Building a compelling case requires presenting irrefutable evidence in a way that is easy to comprehend. With our easy-to-use software solution, you can quickly create professional, clean, accurate scaled diagrams and exhibits that will withstand scrutiny in the courtroom. From 2D and 3D printed diagrams to animations that immerse you in the reconstructed scene, you can have complete confidence in your deliverables.

Easily Create 2D and 3D Diagrams

Built for purpose tools enhance diagramming and reconstructions in Map360. Create an accurate and detailed diagram that is easy to understand. Present the facts with confidence.

Quickly Switch Between 2D and 3D Views

Move fluidly between 2D and 3D environments viewing the scene from various angles.

Simplify Your Routine Accident Report

With our simple 2D diagram features you can quickly produce crisp simple diagrams ideal for routine accident reports, with little to no training.


Intuitive workflows and tools specific for Public Safety while maintaining a solid CAD foundation. An advanced workspace is also available that contains the full suite of CAD tools. Map360 offers more customization options than any other program to fit individual’s needs allowing them to work more efficiently.


All points in the drawing have a built-in audit trail for evidence point integrity and points can be selected to show the audit history from the Evidence Log.


Effectively demonstrate the dynamics of the incident with 2D or 3D animations based on time-distance relationships between the involved vehicle, and derived from physically mapped evidence. With the ability to animate within the reconstructed scene and set up different camera views, the final rendering proves to be irrefutable.

Printing your diagrams

Easily customize the included print templates to visualize a preview and set up your final diagrams. Multiple viewports can be included to highlight critical areas of the scene in both 2D and 3D. Simply export to PDF with Layer support allowing layers to be turned on and off in the final deliverable.

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