On-Demand Webinar Shows Powerful New Approach for Video Evidence

A fatal collision occurs at a busy intersection. You’re called to the scene to investigate. How can you quickly and safely capture all the details you need to close the case and ensure that justice is served, even if the case doesn’t go to trial for years? Is there a way to effectively integrate the video evidence from the scene with point cloud data to piece together a more accurate picture of the accident?
Technology advances are providing crash and crime scene investigators with powerful new tools to discover the truth. In a new on-demand webinar, Andrew Fredericks of iNPUT-ACE, along with Ryan Rezzelle and Chenel Georget of Leica Geosystems, part of Hexagon, show how advances in laser scanning and video investigation software give you the ability to place video evidence on top of 3D point clouds to get accurate measurements and show new perspectives.
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Walking you through a complex case involving a fatal collision between a motorcyclist and a bus, the presenters show you how to combine video evidence with point clouds to determine positions, distances, heights and other key measurements. They demonstrate how to create court-ready 2D and 3D exhibits from laser scan data and video evidence, how to place information back into a scene that was moved prior to scanning, and how to include “pre-impact” data in collisions that didn’t leave physical traces but were captured to video. They also give you tips to help you work quickly and effectively.
Watch the webinar here.
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