Virtual Classroom Helps You Elevate Your Scene Mapping Skills

A new online resource is now available for public safety professionals seeking to improve and streamline the creation of clear, concise, detailed and accurate court-ready deliverables. Offering a mix of annual-subscription-based and free self-directed and teacher directed training, the Leica Geosystems IMS School aims to make every student proficient in the leading Map360 forensic mapping software.

A free course on Map360 Drawing basics introduces you to the fundamental aspects of the Map360 workspace and walks you through the process of creating a basic forensic diagram.
A self-directed training bundle allows subscribers to access all on-demand training resources, including Map360 Forensic Mapping, Map360 Point Cloud 2D and Map360 Point Cloud 3D, and new courses that are in development.

Learners who prefer interactive training with an instructor can purchase a subscription to the teacher-directed and self-directed bundle. This bundle will allow attendance at all scheduled live virtual training events as well as access to all on-demand training resources for the duration of the subscription.

The IMS School expands on the training offered in the free Lunch and Learn series of quick 20-minute training tips and workflows and will evolve based on the needs of Map360 users. To learn more or purchase an IMS School subscription, visit

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