Map360 v4.0 User Review: ‘An Easy, Reliable and Powerful Software for Creating Scaled Diagrams’

The new version delivers the ability to customize the program interface; create clean, accurate, professional scaled diagrams and exhibits; and import almost any data format.

Reviewer: Chris Mannel, Great Plains Technical Services, LLC*

Version tested: v4.0 beta release

Where it shines: “I like the continued simplification of the product/interface for new users and/or quick scenes—but having the power of a full CAD engine available is great once you have mastered the software. Also, the ability to create print templates makes creating deliverables very powerful and streamlines the process.

Where it needs improvement: “The 3D aspects of the software could be improved. The animation module does not seem as polished as the rest of the product. Removing the older 2D symbols to a ‘classic’ or archived folder would allow the user to quickly see the 3D symbols they’d be most likely to use for current crashes/vehicles.”

The bottom line: “With this release, Leica has demonstrated its dedication to continued improvement on this software. Map360 v4.0 is a stable, reliable product that can easily produce the deliverables public safety professionals need, along with the underlying CAD engine for more advanced imports, features and abilities power users need to customize and streamline their workflows.”

Overall Rating: 4.75 stars



Providing professional services focused on accident investigation and scene mapping requires finely honed skills in analyzing data and creating compelling court-ready deliverables. It also requires the ability to work at maximum efficiency and deliver uncompromising quality. The right software is key.

For Chris Mannel, owner of Great Plains Technical Services, LLC, based in Omaha, NE, Map360 scene diagramming and reconstruction software has been crucial to creating scaled scene diagrams for casework. The former Nebraska State Patrol trooper now spends his time serving professionals as a consultant and trainer, and he’s demanding in his software requirements.

“I create scene diagrams that I print to scale and use for real-world analysis and time/distance calculations or momentum analysis work,” he says. “Once I have completed the analysis, I use the software to create professional looking scaled (full-page) diagrams for attachments to any reports that include analysis. I also can either embed or use screenshots of the diagrams in-line with my reports or for illustrations of a certain report subsection. My deliverables have to be accurate and reliable.”

Simple Yet Robust

Mannel has trained other users in previous versions of Map360. While he has appreciated the robust CAD engine that enables him to easily pull in large ortho images from UAS data, as well as total station measurements and hand-measurements from police reports, he was eager to try the newest release.

The first thing he noticed about the beta version was its simplicity. “Being able to customize and streamline the program/interface to your specific workflow or style is very powerful and allows each user to set up the program as needed,” he says. “Map360 v4.0 can import almost any format out there, so it has good compatibility and capability no matter what hardware a user has for measuring scenes.”

Streamlined Casework and Reporting

The ability to create professional-looking, clean, accurate scaled diagrams and exhibits is imperative in collision reconstruction. With Map360 v.4.0, users have a simple interface with the power of a full CAD engine that all works together to streamline the creation of everything from polished 2D scaled deliverables to 3D scaled drawings.  “The newest version of Map360 is a solid product for anyone needing to create scaled models/diagrams for analysis or reporting, or creating scaled deliverable files for inclusion with their final reports,” Mannel says.

Download a demo to explore whether Map360 v4.0 is right for you. To speak with a public safety consultant about your scene documentation and mapping needs, please contact us.


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