On-Demand Webinar Shows How to Save Time with Scene Diagramming Software

Software with an engineering-grade CAD engine is extremely powerful for crime scene and crash scene diagramming and reconstruction. When you’re working with large point cloud datasets, high-resolution drone imagery or data from multiple sensors, there’s really no other way to pull everything together into court-ready deliverables.


But CAD-based programs are also notoriously complex. Tasks that should be simple—like changing the length of a line, deselecting a line, changing the color or size of a car, or filling an object with a solid color—require knowing how to use the right commands and follow specific steps to achieve the desired result. Menus offer hundreds of settings, but you might only need to use a dozen.

For users trained in CAD, the workflows are familiar. But for public safety professionals, simplicity is key.

That’s why users of Map360 v4.0 are so enthusiastic about the new release. Instead of navigating complex commands and comprehensive menus, you can quickly build diagrams with straightforward toolbars and intuitive clicks. With the power of a robust CAD engine, you can now create compelling, court-ready deliverables in minutes.

A new Lunch & Learn webinar now available on-demand takes you on a tour of the software and show you how easy it is to draw, place and color objects, use dynamic labeling, produce reports, and create all the deliverables you need.

If you’ve used previous versions of Map360, you’ll want to attend this session to see all the changes that will make your job easier. If you’ve never tried Map360, check out this Lunch & Learn and bring your questions.

The brief 20-minute session will explore:

  • Quick and intuitive drawing tools
  • Easy-access symbols
  • Dynamic labeling
  • Fast and easy object rotation and editing

Watch it now on-demand.

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