Simplify School Safety & Disaster Response

Quickly capture 3D floor plans for comprehensive school safety planning and critical incident response. These easy-to-use laser scanners and handheld measurement tools are the fastest path to 3D. Use them alone or in combination for even more efficiency.

Recreate Spaces in 3D as You Move

The BLK2GO handheld imaging laser scanner is an easy-to-use mobile mapping solution that’s ideal for onsite security planning, school safety, public building documentation or rapid-deployment disaster response. It combines two-axis LiDAR with SLAM spatial awareness technology and visual inertial system (VIS) technology to accurately track the scanner’s movement and simultaneously unify point clouds while recreating complex spaces with unprecedented speed. Get live 2D and 3D visualizations, check the device status, and do quick data inspections with the BLK2GO Live app for iPhone. The BLK2GO is both an easy and practical way to capture point clouds on the fly.

  • One-button operation
  • One-click import
  • Small, light (11 x 3.15 inches; less than 1.75 pounds w/batteries) and rugged form factor

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Capture Scenes at the Push of a Button

The BLK360 is easy to use and captures a full-dome scan with imagery in less than three minutes. With 64 GB of on-board memory, the BLK360 can store approximately 100 scans at medium resolution. The portable, compact push-button reality-capture solution quickly generates a full 3D representation of a scene.
  • One-button automatic operation
  • Small enough to take anywhere
  • Rechargeable lithium ion battery with secure WiFi data transfer
  • Complete a scan in minutes

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Measure from Images and Control Your Laser Scanner

The BLK3D packs powerful scene measurement capabilities into an Android-powered device the size of a smartphone. Combining a calibrated stereo camera with advanced algorithms and real-time edge computing (no cloud connection needed), the BLK3D captures 2D images embedded with 3D data and instantly puts accurate measurements at your fingertips on the touchscreen. Export data and images to CMI, PDF or JPG. Use measurements to quick draw floorplans and “smart room” features, and export these to DXF 2D/3D or DWG 2D/3D. Easily take accurate measurements from photos for bloodstain pattern analysis and other scene requirements. You can also use this handheld, Android-powered device as a controller for 3D laser scanners, making it an indispensable multipurpose tool you’ll want to carry with you everywhere.
  • Compact, all-in-one photogrammetry tool with Disto functionality
  • Capture 3D measurable images for situations that don’t require more sophisticated methods
  • Control your 3D laser scanner

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Whether you need rapid deployment and comprehensive building documentation, fast and easy scene documentation, or maximum measurement versatility in a handheld device, these three tools, used alone or together, provide a powerful solution.  (See why forensic investigators are so excited about this trio following a workshop at the IAFSM 2020 conference.) Talk to one of our public safety experts to explore the best approach for your agency.


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