How a Handheld Imaging Laser Scanner Can Accelerate Documentation of Complex Scenes

What’s the best way to document a scene with multiple floors or levels? New handheld imaging laser scanner technology makes quick work of these and other complex situations.
A recent video from Leica Geosystems’ reality capture specialist Frank Collazo demonstrates how a Leica BLK2GO handheld imaging laser scanner was used to scan a subway and street in New York City. “What would have taken a few days with tripod scanners took a few hours with BLK2GO,” he said. The scanner captured more than 225 million measurement points in 3D with accuracy of 2.25 cm. The resulting data can be used for safety planning, flythroughs and visualizations, and measurements can be obtained in a free viewer such as the Jetstream Portable Viewer.

To learn more about the BLK2GO or explore other time-saving scene investigation solutions for your agency, please contact us.

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