Video: FBINAA 2021 Provides Immersive Technology Experience

Attendees to the recent FBINAA annual national training conference went hands-on with solutions that maximize efficiency, safety and quality data capture on every scene.

You’re probably familiar with the substantial time savings, safety benefits and high-quality data capture of 3D laser scanning. But do you know how to capture comprehensive data in minutes while walking through a scene? Do you know how to measure accurately from photos, quick draw floor plans and also control your laser scanners using a simple handheld device? Are you able to easily process imagery from your unmanned aircraft system, combine the images with data from other sensors, and create court-ready factual diagrams and maps?

At the FBINAA training conference in Orlando, FL, July 7-10, 2021, attendees experienced all this and more at the Leica Geosystems booth. Former crime scene investigators and law enforcement professionals showed how to use digital scene documentation technology to reduce time and staff on scene by 50% or more, keep staff out of harm’s way, and capture every detail at high accuracy with stunning visualizations.

Watch the video below to see some of the technologies that were demonstrated during the event.

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