New TruView VR Software Enables Immersive Virtual Crime Scene Walkthroughs

The newest release of the Leica TruView digital reality viewer brings virtual reality within reach of every agency.

March 3, 2022 – Virtual reality is one of the most compelling ways to bring crime scene investigators, prosecutors, defense attorneys and jurors into the scene. But creating a virtual reality environment from laser scanned point clouds has required advanced software skills and multiple imports and exports. Now a new software development brings VR within reach for every agency.

TruView VR, a free new extension of the popular TruView desktop viewer, lets you enter your laser scanned scenes at true-to-life scale with no conversion or republishing required.  Using a Windows mixed reality headset and controllers such as the HTC Vive or HP Reverb, you can view, walk, fly or teleport through a scene and perform linear measurements in VR.

Rather than viewing a scaled representation of the scene, you can step into it and walk around. Look around corners and under objects while getting a true sense of the space.

The new capabilities are available with the latest release of TruView, TruView 2022.0.0.

To learn more or explore other ways to digitize your scenes, schedule a consultation with one of our public safety experts.

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