Hands-On Training Event Includes Special Guest, Top-Rated 3D Forensic Scanning Courses

3D Forensic Specialist Vincent T. Joachim headlines a career-advancing week of high-demand reality capture training at HDS University 2023 in Tucson, AZ, Sept. 18-22.

If you’ve been looking for a way to advance your skills in 3D crime and crash scene data capture, processing, and visualizations, here’s your chance. The leading in-person, hands-on laser scanning training program HDS University heads to Tucson, AZ, this fall with a full schedule of valuable courses for public safety professionals.

Special guest Vincent T Joachim will teach classes on Tuesday and Thursday on how to prepare LGS files for court. A professional artist and youth mentor, Vincent has also developed considerable expertise in forensic laser scanning workflows and 3D video presentations. He recently launched a pilot program for the Calgary Police Service that focuses on 3D laser scanning and how to maximize deliverables for court proceedings.

The entire week is packed with courses that will take you to the next stage of your laser scanning journey. From sessions that will improve your skills with specific laser scanners, like the RTC360, BLK360 or BLK2GO, to classes focused on point cloud registration and court-ready deliverable creation, to advanced techniques for working with 3D reality capture data, the entire program is designed to build your confidence and grow your proficiency in high-demand 3D skill sets.

Popular courses such as “Scanning Forensic Scenes,” “Presenting Forensic Cases at Trial,” “Maximizing Forensic Deliverables,” “Trajectory Workflows Field to Finish” and “Bloodstain Analysis Field to Finish” will give you a solid foundation in reality capture techniques designed to maximize your scene documentation speed, personnel safety, and clearance rates. Courses focused on Map360 scene diagramming and accident reconstruction software will help you take your deliverables to the next level.

All courses emphasize hands-on training and are taught by expert instructors with extensive field experience. Lunch is provided each day.

Download the full course schedule here >

For more details or to register, visit http://www.hdsuniversity.com/.

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