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Combining Video Evidence and Point Clouds with iNPUT-ACE and Map360

On-Demand Webinar: A Successful Technique for Integrating Digital Crime Scene Data
See how to calculate bullet trajectories in 3D space with reverse projection methods that combine video evidence with point clouds.

On-Demand Webinar: A Powerful Approach for Video Evidence
Learn how to combine point clouds and video evidence for state-of-the-art scene mapping.


Leica Incident Mapping Suite, including Map360 and Evidence Recorder

Lunch and Learn Sessions
These 20-minute on-demand sessions are packed with useful training tips and workflows.

Map360 Drawing Basics
Learn the basic aspects of the Map360 workspace and walk through the process of creating a basic forensic diagram.

On-Demand Map360 Training Resources
Build your forensic mapping skills. Learn to import, manage, view and perform 2D oriented drawing tasks with point cloud data. And expand your point cloud skill set with user coordinate systems, 3D architectural tools and 3D forensic analysis tools. To access these courses, contact Customer Success Manager Ken Jones at

Map360 Demo Download
Download a demo version of Map360, the leading software for forensic mapping, and put the tools to work for you.


Laser Scanning Hardware and Software

The SMART Plan website is available 24/7 and provides training content for HDS software and scanners, including BLK360, RTC360, P-Series scanners, Cyclone, TruView and Jetstream. To access to the site contact Customer Success Manager Ken Jones at


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