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Whether you are just starting your research or if you are an experienced user looking for the latest information, this is the place to start. Here you will find one of the most comprehensive resources ever assembled devoted to the topic of 3D laser scanning for public safety. We invite you to explore, learn and understand why Leica Geosystems is the preferred choice of public safety professionals around the world.

Key Resources

The Basics

These three professionally produced educational videos, while not specific to the world of public safety, are a great way to start your research and understanding of the value of Leica 3D laser scanning or HDS.

“The Basics” includes footage of its use in the field for scene capture and in the office for processing laser scans into high-value exhibits. It also describes common applications, benefits, types of deliverables, options that users have for taking advantage of the technology, and how Leica Geosystems fits into the overall picture.

 “How it All Works” illustrates how laser scanners work and describe which scanner features are important to consider, the topic of “registration” or stitching multiple scans together, and what type of support is available for implementing the technology. Highlights of key Leica Geosystems’ scanner features are described and a high-level overview of software is given.

“Simple Projects and Complex Projects” describes simple and complex laser scanning projects and how the technology is applied for each. Laser scanner and point cloud software features are highlighted to help users take advantage of the technology for simple projects and for more complex sites and advanced exhibits. Several visual examples are included and Leica Geosystems’ role in the technology is explained.

Free Forensic Training that you Should Know About

Free DHS-certified training for your agency
“Advanced Forensic Investigations for Hazardous Environments” at no direct cost to your agency. The course includes instruction in the use of the Leica ScanStation.Contact them at info@ncbrt.lsu.edu or 1-877-829-8550 to schedule a course through your state administrative agency, or visit www.ncbrt.lsu.edu to learn more about the NCBRT’s training opportunities. Remember, the time to prepare is now!

Educational Articles on Laser Scanning Basics
The educational articles and videos listed below include technical white papers and a series of more than 40 articles written by Leica Geosystems’ Geoff Jacobs for Professional Surveyor magazine on the basics of 3D laser scanning. Click on the Download button to download a PDF of available articles.

Why Choose Leica ScanStation?

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