No Laser Safety Goggles are Required

You don’t need to wear laser safety goggles or to establish Laser Control Areas when using a Leica ScanStation. This is not the case with all laser scanners but it is a non-issue with any Leica ScanStation.
Here’s a safety pointer to keep in mind when evaluating non-Leica laser scanners: If a vendor’s laser scanner comes with laser safety goggles and that scanner displays the eye safety distance right on the interface while it’s scanning, then it’s not eye-safe.
With these kinds of scanners the potential exists for ocular damage to occur for unprotected users and the public. This will have a direct impact on what can be done and how it can be done at a crime scene, especially an outdoor scene where it is difficult to control access and the public may be present.
It is also a non-trivial workplace safety issue which should be given lots of consideration by the appropriate people in the command chain prior to deployment due to the potential for liability against the agency. All of this is a non-issue when you use a Leica ScanStation.

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