Total Stations

Simple operation, reliable performance in any weather, and the ability to set the correct height with a single button press make these total stations more than just practical tools for your investigations. They’re like having an assistant on every scene. Scale up to a MultiStation, and you can even use your high-precision total station as an on-the-spot laser scanner to capture every detail of your scene as a high-resolution point cloud.

TS13. Efficient and Upgradable.

The Leica TS13 is a scalable mid-range total station that gives you the confidence you need on the scene. You can start with two-person operation and then upgrade to a robotic total station as your agency’s documentation needs evolve. With a wide operating temperature range and an IP55 rating, your TS13 is always ready to work, regardless of the weather. Automated routines make measurement simple and error-free.

MS60. Ultimate Versatility.

The Leica Nova MS60 MultiStation combines high-precision total station functionality, 3D laser scanning, high resolution digital imaging and GNSS connectivity, giving you complete flexibility in how you document your scene. The survey workflow makes it easy for law enforcement personnel who are accustomed to using a total station, while the built-in scanning capability lets you capture high-resolution 3D point clouds on the fly. All the data is placed into the same coordinate system, which can be globally referenced by GNSS or known point measurements.

Compared to other scanning total stations, the MS60 completes scans faster (30,000 points per second) and captures more detail. The high-performance total station gives you 1-second reflectorless shots to 2,000 feet. The onboard software allows you to visually navigate through all collected data in 3D perspective to check areas of interest for completeness before you release the scene.


An industry first, AutoHeight is a revolutionary capability on Leica Geosystems’ total stations that automatically measures, reads and sets your instrument’s height at the press of a button. With AutoHeight, you can get to work documenting the scene faster and avoid common setup errors.

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