Leica Nova MS50 MultiStation

Is the Scanning Total Station a Law Enforcement Tool?

Much has been written about the diverse capabilities of the Leica Nova MultiStation, the all-in-one total station, laser scanner, GNSS and imaging tool. But does this technology have a place in law enforcement?

Testing the MultiStation for Evidence Documentation

A professor at Sam Houston State University needed to develop evidence logs, crime scene sketches, and some preliminary survey documentation for a class. He used the MultiStation to see how it would perform.

Since this was an academic exercise, speed was not a factor, but the MultiStation accomplished these tasks for four separate scenes in a single day. By far, its strongest feat was in the digital evidence logs and sketching. The added capabilities of small area scanning and imaging were tasks that a typical robotic system could not accomplish.

If he had approached this application with the MultiStation as a laser scanner, it would not have accomplished the task as quickly or as effectively. High-speed, high-definition laser scanners are still the single best tool for crime scene documentation. However, when used as a super robot with the ability to do area scans, imaging and panoramic imaging, the MultiStation shines. Law enforcement agencies can use the tool for mapping, creating digital evidence logs, and documenting skids or scuffs for vehicle scenes.

A Versatile Crime Scene Tool

The recurring question we get from crime scene units is how to accomplish all of the tasks related to evidence documentation when using a laser scanner. In this case, it appears that the MultiStation definitely has a place as a useful tool in law enforcement.

If you’re not sure whether you need a full 3D laser scanner, a MultiStation, a total station, GNSS technology or another measurement solution, please contact us. We’ll be glad to review your requirements and help you identify the best solution for your needs.

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