Thank you. Here’s your webinar: Exemplar Vehicle Point Clouds

Learn how advances in laser scanning combined with a unique approach to exemplar vehicles can optimize the quality of your collision analyses while also saving time and money.

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Ontario Reconstructionists Shift into High-Speed Laser Scanning

“We still mark out evidence and identify what’s going on with the vehicle, which takes time. But physically collecting the roadway or mapping, we’ve decreased our time [on scene] between 30 and 45 percent.” READ THE FULL STORY >

Leica RTC360 Laser Scanner Satisfies the SAPD Collision Investigations Unit’s Need for Speed

“We immediately saw the value in how it collects data and the speed. But the cost savings and benefits go beyond that in so many ways.” READ MORE >

6 Easy Steps to Make Sure You Get the Right Digital Scene Documentation Technology

How can you make sure you get the right technology from the right manufacturer? This approach will help you build confidence as you lead your agency into the future of digital scene documentation. LEARN MORE >

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