Video: How to Use Laser Scanned Exemplars for Collision Reconstruction in Map360

Intuitive software simplifies and streamlines the creation of compelling deliverables when working with laser scanned exemplars.

Although there is no single software solution for all of the analyses that might be required in collision reconstruction, we can consolidate and simplify some of our tool set with Map360 scene diagramming and accident reconstruction software. Map360 has a great crush calculator and tool that can be adapted for several different scenarios. It also has an excellent tool for visibility and perspective analysis. Watch this video from Will Henningsen of Collision & Crime Forensic Solutions to see how exemplar point clouds can be used in Map360 for collision reconstruction.

Note: This video is from the webinar, Elevating Collision Reconstruction Analyses with Laser Scanned Exemplars, presented by Lightpoint Scientific. Watch the full webinar here on demand >

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