The ‘Coveted’ Tool That Makes All the Difference in Edmonton Police Service Major Collision Investigations

Ability to create an accurate, measurable 3D representation of an entire scene in minutes is game-changing.

Edmonton Police Service (EPS) Major Collision Investigation Section (MCIS) investigates hundreds of serious and fatal collisions each year, spending anywhere from two to 12 months on each investigation. The work is often gruesome and complex. Every detail matters, but minimizing time on scene is crucial to reopen roadways quickly and keep investigators safe.

Technology is essential. For MCIS, using a drone and 3D laser scanner has been game-changing.

It creates “an accurate representation of the scene, the entire scene, which then is, measurable with the accuracy of half a centimeter,” said Constable Sasa Novakovic.

The laser scanner has reduced investigators’ time on scene from multiple hours to minutes.

Watch the video above to learn more. You can read the full success story on the EPS website here >

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